Volunteer for One of Our Member Literacy Programs

Wisconsin Literacy’s member agencies are in need of dedicated volunteers committed to strengthening Wisconsin's workforce, families and communities through literacy.

Volunteers are needed as:

Tutors and Small Group Instructors - Volunteers are trained to teach adults through one-to-one tutoring or small group instruction. A successful tutor must show a willingness to learn, help others, and work with learners for at least 1 and 1/2 hours per week. Volunteers can choose to work with ABE (adult basic education learners) or ELL (English language learners). Volunteer tutors report tremendous satisfaction from working with learners and that they get more than they give.

Administrative Volunteers - Administrative volunteers provide a wide range of office support functions. Among many other positions, they serve as:

  • Evening office managers helping tutors and students find the resources they need as they arrive for their lessons.
  • Data collection managers helping programs report student achievements to various stakeholders.
  • Grant writers helping programs raise funds to stay in business.
  • Website managers helping programs inform the public about available literacy services.
  • Bookkeepers helping programs track revenue and expenditures.

Get Started! To volunteer, contact a literacy program near you.

Volunteer for Wisconsin Literacy or Wisconsin Health Literacy

If you are interested in helping with occasional statewide projects for Wisconsin Literacy or Wisconsin Health Literacy, contact us to determine available opportunities. These may include administrative help or assistance with special events or other projects.